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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How To Edit Music and Add Picture

Feb 12,2013
This package allows you to edit music and add image.

How It Works?

You have to Download
=> mp3 editor by Olufemi Galaxy <=

Launch the application, and allow it to read data in the memory by pressing YES REPEATEDLY When you've seen all the audios listed Scroll to the music you wish to edit.
Then press menu/option(left soft key) There are some menus their, i.e Search, Information, Tag Editor, File, Play, Play all, Refresh, About, Turn, Exit.( since you are dealing with image), just click on TAG EDITOR, and allow application to read. => You'll see some empty boxes{u may fill it if you like} "Artist, Tittle, Album and so on" Press OPTIONS and locate ADD A COVER

Browse your phone, then locate
the folder where your image is, now choose the image and SAVE it.

After saving it, open your music player and refresh it or update it.

Play the music that you've edited and watch the magic.
By Olufemi Galaxy


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