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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


MTN MAGIC Free call cheat.

MTN MAGIC Free call cheat.
**Now let's start**
Here is how you set it up and if you do it carefully you will make it .
(1) Buy 1 MTN sim card and recharge card of 300naira
 (2) Load the card to your new mtn sim card and switch off your phone
(3) Put the old simcard and type *560*2*your new mtn number that you remove#
 (4)remove the old sim and put the new one back, you'll recieve a message Accept and they'll conect your mtn to magic call.
 -Now on that new mtn simcard type **21* then put the number you want to call then #{i.e  **21*0803xxxxx#} and your call is now diverted to that number.
-Make sure you have at least N50 on that new simcard.
-Then off your phone and any time you want to make call,just do the samething
-Then call your new mtn simcard number , the call will diverted but dont worry just call, then the call will ring on the number you divert your call to and that person will receive the call and both of you can be able to talk till any time you like or wish or when you are tired.
-If you want to call another number do the samething that you did and remove the new mtn simcard make sure it is offline be4 you call it and the number you divert the call to, will recieve the call so you can talk to that person. Just try it. U ve notin 2 lose.


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