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Friday, February 22, 2013

How to hack any websites username and password

How to hack any websites username and password To start with I know you must have heard about it somewhere or you might think it’s impossible, but the truth of the matter is that it is very possible and below is the breakdown.
• The clone of the web page is created.
• The HTML of the website is edited and re-coded.
• The website is hosted on a free web host server with a domain name similar to the website
E.g. for Facebook – of This is how the clone website will work.
When any visitor enters his username and password and click the login button two things happen without the user knowing simultaneously (at the same time).

1. The username and password is saved on a separate page where you can see them.
2. The user is redirected to the original website.
Sweet right ?!
Now how do you get people to visit the clone website ? this Is where it gets more interesting. You can send them notification emails pretending to be from the website. E.g for Facebook, you send them a friend request and edit the link to direct them to your clone website or a notification email asking them to click a link leading to your clone website. Cool ? No, too cool !!
Now you might want to send this email to thousands of people this is where inbox mass mailer comes in. the mailer can be used to send emails to thousands of people at a time. But wait that’s not the best part, the best part Is that the sender address can be edited i.e. I can just put any email address as the sender e.g.
I think you’ve gotten the whole point now.
Now am going to make it easy for you, all these can be done for you at a tiny affordable price. Here is what the clone website package will contain:
• The clone website (any website of your choice).
• A personal mass mailer (to send emails).
• Free hosting and setup with domain.
To start hacking you simply logon to the the website , send the emails, open the data page and copy the usernames and passwords of your victims. Cool right
All these is just for a paltry sum of N1,500 cheap right?
To get the package contact: or call (+234)07035176624


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